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How to Grow More Happy



You’ve been busy managing your home, business, and family. Now there’s an opportunity to redesign and maximize your happiness. 


Increasing happiness will reboot your brain waves into higher states of thinking! Take a close look at the visions and dreams you’ve already created in your life that made you happy. 


Yesterday's accomplishments large and small are proof you can do this. Give yourself some love and appreciation. This will set you up for a FRESH RESTART and REBOOT into your 2024 visions and dreams. These ideas should be, as a friend says amazeballs. 


It’s easy to allow the voices of doubt, self-criticism, and self-doubt to creep into your mind. Next time these sabatour voices slip into your brain stop and remind yourself when you were created “There was nothing left out and nothing left over” When you’ve been buried under all the weight of worry and fear it’s important to shift gears into a dynamic state of mind. 


Today is the perfect time to take a few minutes to redesign the future and align and match up with the all-new fresh ideas. You have permission to become unhinged from self-imposed limitations and be open to all new possibilities. Here are a few suggestions for managing this transformation.




TIME: Make certain everything you plan on creating is something to increase your everyday happiness by at least 20% or more. DO NOT spend another second of your life doing things that leave you feeling lethargic and spent.


PEOPLE: One vital aspect of a fabulous life is your network of family and friends. Audit your present tribe of close friends and ask yourself, are these people I’m nurturing contributing a positive life force, or is the relationship filled with too much drama or possibly toxic? Be discerning who you invite in and who you spend time with. 


HOME: You may want to stimulate your creative juices by merely moving things around in your home to better ascetically fit or be aligned with feng shui principles (creating balance with the natural world) which is the ancient art of placement. This won’t cost you a penny and can have a significant positive spike on your creative skills. 


ONBOARDING: As we get older it becomes important to be mindful to create new relationships with loving and interesting people on purpose. Men are typically not conscientious of this and can end up lonely with each passing decade. Your quality of life is dependent on a healthy social circle. Creating new stimulating friendships will add many happy days, months, and years to your life.


FLOW: Write down your visions and dreams. Keeping dreams in your head will slow you down or stop you from bringing these ideas to reality. I suggest writing them down and then typing them up. Next, put them into a three-ring binder and pick up a three-ring hole puncher. This way year after year you can keep this practice up and edit and reprint making changes throughout time easy and economically a breeze.  


Use New Year's time to sculpt your most fabulous life.


If you wondered about this thing called Coaching simply go on to Yelp and read some of my dozens of reviews from all sorts of my clients. 


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People wonder what’s the difference between mentoring, and therapy.


The dreams you’ve dared to dream are no mistake. Your dreams need you like you need to realize your dreams. 


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