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A heartfelt testimonial from Starla

Erin recommends Camber Hill!

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Alberto says...

Camber Hill was very genuine, he uses his positive aggressive attitude to tell it to you straight. I mean that in a good way though, he is very open and understanding when it comes to your life and your issues. He gives you his top secrets on how you can live life to your fullest potential. My favorite thing about our meeting was that he is very understanding. Wonderful.

Alberto L.

Manhattan, New York, NY

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Rahul Nath Actor

Rahul N.

"I have been seeing Camber since the start of this year to get myself to the next level in life and my career, and I have enjoyed all my sessions. Having a neutral person that is not family or a friend, really gives you a different perspective in how to deal with life's so-called issues and elevate yourself.

Camber does not shy away from making you face the truth and/or will not sugar coat anything and that's what I like about him.

And he makes it very clear that if YOU are not prepared to put in the work that he is not interested in working with you - that's when you know you have an excellent coach.

I have really changed my thought pattern about how I approach my work and life and unknowingly, since I have been working with Camber, I have achieved so much- even in the pandemic!

I had a particular situation from my past and instead of approaching it with fear, I changed that state to excitement and an eagerness to go and solve it.

I am really enjoying these sessions and I highly recommend that if you want to get the trash out of your life and have nothing but gold, this is the coach for you."

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"Camber is my executive coach as I am the owner and President of a small information technology (IT) and management consulting company. I selected Camber as my executive coach not only because his spirit resonated with me but also because he had run his own businesses and done sales in IT as well. Camber is easy to talk to and brings the best out in me and my business.


He has encouraged me to update my corporate website which is now a much better reflection of my company's mission, vision and values. Additionally, Camber has helped me with the making of a video for my company and that could not have been done virtually as easily.


Camber is great for supporting me in my both (1) highly important soft skills such as managing staff and selling as well (2) supporting me with details which are very specific and analytical such as business writing.


I have worked with Camber on numerology mostly surrounding how people might best work together at my organization and in my personal life as well. I find his insights compelling and useful.


Finally, Camber is local in downtown Long Beach right near where my offices are located. I know he can meet virtually, however, I am very happy that we are able to meet in person.


I highly recommend Camber to anyone looking for an executive coach. He has the experience, business operations and sales and marketing knowledge to make a great difference in any aspiring and/or successful business."



"Camber Hill is one of the main reasons I am walking upright. When I got divorced, I thought I was going do die, but NO, he wouldn't let me. His nurturing ways have helped me find the power in myself and this universe, now I do cartwheels!

Thru Camber's nurturing ways, I have found some hard truths about myself and the choices I make, and then the fun begins-as I have grown and created more ease in what I do, who I do it with and WHY I do it.

Camber has helped me to create a level of clarity in my successful business, with my children, in loving relationships that now empowers me while grounding me as well-he has made me become a better me."

-Elisa Allan 
Independant Manufacturer Sales Representative 
for Costco, Whole Foods and TraderJoes




"When I first had the concept for Vosges Haut-Chocolat I entered a market place void of esteemed chocolate and storytelling through the medium of chocolate.

Today the marketplace is cluttered with many chocolate brands. Focusing on innovation is more important than ever, I need to be clear to be effective in the way I operate with my team.


Camber's Lifestyle Coaching hones in on the importance of the individual being authentic and present in order to manage a successful team which is innovative and nimble.

I believe in order to be truly successful you have to be your whole person to effectively lead. Camber showed me how being clear and solid in my very own unique way was my answer, not my downfall.


Now, I nurture the intuitive and intellectual nature of my personal life and professional life.

Peace, love and chocolate..."

Katrina Markoff
Founder, CEO
Vosges Haut-Chocolat




"Camber, as I get ready to go to College this next week, I just want to thank you for all that you have done for me. At the beginning of this year I was an introvert with negative thoughts clouding my mind. But, thanks to you, I have gained more self confidence than I could have ever done if it weren't for you. You have truly been an inspiration to me and a great role model.

I want to ESPECIALLY thank you for providing me a shoulder to lean on when I felt there was nobody else's to lean on. I have no doubt that my future is bright and that I will be successful in life because you have taught me the values and lessons that no parent, friend, teacher or colleague could ever teach me... simply, to be positive and to be yourself. Camber you are one of a kind and I'm thankful that you agreed to dedicate your time towards helping me. I'm very excited  that I get to go to College next week knowing that I'm a totally different Parker than I was a four years ago. A Parker that tackles problems head on and one that most importantly isn't afraid to be in his own skin and body!"


Fresh n' shiny College student

Jemma & Logan

Jemma & Logan

"My husband and I were feeling a little lost in life and the direction we were going and decided to reach out to get some help. We are so glad we found Camber Hill on Yelp.

After reading some great reviews we decided to make an appointment and chose the couple package. It was the best decision we made!

Although we weren't having marriage issues, we were so happy to have a one on one session and a couple session! We both were able to get a fresh perspective and left with a whole new outlook on life.

The couple session really helped us see each other's own personal challenges that we surfaced in the one on one meetings and allowed us to learn how to guide each other to be the best versions of ourselves.

We highly recommend Camber and it won't be our last visit, don't be afraid to reach out for some tips and guidance on how to get back on track to lighting your fire.

Thank you Camber!"



​"Camber’s impact in my life has fundamentally changed my world. How I show up in the world is a total 180º turn from when I first met Camber.  As a young African American male growing up I developed this defeated mentality. I saw myself as a small, hopeless, and insignificant human being.

Today, I am the Founder/CEO of Player’s Health the first Portable Health Record for Youth Athletics, the Executive Director of the Youth Injury Prevention Organization - a non-profit that provides leadership conferences for youth athletes to motivate and educate them on being proactive and preventative about injuries and their bodies.

Camber changed how I viewed myself by helping me rewrite the story I continue to tell myself everyday. His Love, Compassion, Honesty, Humor pulled me in to allow myself to trust him with the deepest parts of myself that I hide from the world. He gave me permission to be human, make mistakes and give myself a break.

As an ex-professional athlete, I developed a mindset that if I made a mistake I was nothing and this led me to a depressing drive for perfect that after only a few sessions with Camber I learned was impossible.

I am happily married to the most amazing and beautiful woman in the world. I am a father/guardian of two- my son who is 9 and my little brother who is 17.

Camber’s impact in my life has touched millions of people. Thank You Camber for being who you are in my life! "

– Tyrre Burks 
Founder/President -




I have utilized Camber Hill as a Corporate Coach for over 26 years to enhance my successful career. I started my adventures at a retailer that everyone loves, Trader Joe’s. After that I was motivated to move to manufacturing & distribution companies, and now I have my own consulting firm.

Camber’s coaching style declutters your thoughts, and he uses many methodologies to bring out your best performance. In addition, Camber’s skillfully shares insights regarding the personalities you are dealing with in your professional space, to help you understand the bigger picture.

If adding one more thing to your schedule seems impossible, and I get that, just know that time with Camber can make you more efficient and effective. Think about it from this prospective: just like we take vitamins to round out our food intake or go to the gym to improve our body’s performance, we need corporate coaching to advance our intellectual and emotional intelligence.

I recommend Camber for Corporate Coaching to:
1) Help you stay focused on what’s important.
2) For his frank and neutral advice, which you cannot get with co-workers or family members.
3) His keen ability to provide a different and unique point of view.
4) His charming way of pushing you to do more by trusting your own instincts."


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