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Why Professional Women Need Coaching!

Linda (not her real name) and I were introduced to one another over Sunday brunch by a mutual friend. By the end of our meal, we established a pretty good chemistry, so she hired me on the spot.

Over brunch, I heard a mention of something about Banking and as a naive twenty-something-year-old, I figured she must be a teller or perhaps a loan officer. (context: this was the mid-80s)

In our first discovery session, I learned Linda was President and CEO of a prestigious financial institution. She was respected by peers for creating new avenues for international banking models and for her unyielding drive to be the best in her field of…..the institution of banking and the services it provides.

Linda had long-term and short-term goals she wanted us to focus on such as a long-term retirement with plenty of money to afford a lifestyle she was accustomed to, broader domestic and international influence in global financing, investments, and acknowledgment for her contributions to the industry. Linda’s gut feeling was that having a coach to bounce things off of would help her navigate, and sometimes play devil's advocate to edge out any possible misfortune in her plan.

I wasn’t a master of wealth management, but she was, however, I was a fully-present coach, entrepreneur, and numerologist and together it worked well.

For 10 years I provided value to my client. I provided her insight into herself. I would be able to see exactly what she was aiming for and at the same time, see what her initial approach was missing. This changed the course of many a project and role she had over the years. I gave her confidence in the face of a male-dominated business.

I was constantly inspired by her no-nonsense way of busting the balls of those who envied her brilliant insight into building lucrative banking processes.

As the years unfolded she expressed her gratitude for the collaboration and referrals came in from those in her professional circle. In the end, because she worked with a coach she trusted and had chemistry with, she exceeded her professional goals. Coaching works wonders for those who work it!

Historically and collectively, professional women welcomed coaching long before men. As the adage goes, men will drive in circles before they admit the need to ask for directions, while women are not so egocentric.

Women tend to intuitively take coaching as a substantial advantage and frankly enjoy the mere fact of enjoying a man to bounce ideas off of while also including sensitivity to the mix is a big positive game changer.

Additionally, managing highly sensitive information and instinctively providing guidance helps cut through the self-doubt and self-criticism that can haunt many highly visible professionals.

Here is your invitation

It’s time for you to gain the advantage leaders have long benefited from and enjoyed. Having a coach helps maintain a winning position in the game of business and life in general.

Finding someone with whom you have chemistry, confidence, and a history of success can make the world your oyster, and who doesn’t love Pearls? Pearls of wisdom!

Let’s discuss creating your clear heartfelt Intentions, let’s explore the vision you dream, and bring it into creation

Take Your Life To The Next Level of Excellence.

Try a month of coaching and see what it produces. In weekly sessions for four (4)weeks, you’ll see results that point to even greater possibilities.

Also available to previous clients who experienced four (4) sessions, try a monthly “tune-up” in my subscription section available for the rest of 2023. Get your game on today and watch your life grow more fabulous!

If you think you’d be interested in group coaching with no more than seven (7) people on Zoom please reach out and let me know.

Please follow me on my shorts on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram

I have coaching spots open so please refer fabulous people.

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