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The use of numbers, as a tool to open the intuition and provide a better understanding of yourself, your motives, and your loved ones.

In numerology, all numbers are reduced to the single digits 1 through 9 except the special master numbers 11 and 22.

It's simple to find your birth/life-path number by following this example:

03/26/1959 = 3+2+6+1+9+5+9 = 35 reduced to 3+5 = 8

Have your number? Skip directly to it!



This is the highest Master Number in Numerology. They are spiritual leaders, humanitarians, and teachers. It also has other significant historical roots involving the 33rd parallel North and The Scottish Rite Freemasons consider this number very important, as well as the Vedic religion, Buddhism, Jewish holidays, even The Capital of USA in Washington DC has 33 columns, which are 33 feet high.

Thirty-threes holds great compassion for other sentient beings.

Thirty-threes are kind, generous, loving, and can see the needs of the future. Thirty-threes have a sincere interest in developing business models for the future of humankind. They are expansive in their thinking and doing, and can have E.S.P. Therefore, they must be careful to learn how to deal with this fabulous and intuitive capability. If they are not aware, it can be quite draining being so concerned about others.

Thirty-threes strive to show the world how-to live-in peace and harmony. Great love for family and community. It’s important for the Thirty-three who is balanced to find healthy ways or outlets for governing their healer within. Some thirty-threes will have to work long and hard to stay in good physical shape, but don’t beat yourself up simply continue to exercise religiously. Many thirty-threes are great at playing instruments and doing visual performing arts. Because of your charm and charisma, you have the ability to excel in the business world.

Famous Thirty-threes: Albert Einstein, Federico Fellini, Francis Ford Coppola, Heather Locklear, John Lennon, Thomas Edison, and Stephen King.


Ones are inventive, intuitive, decisive, and original. They will always strive to refine, improve or modify what is already in place. This tendency is inherent and managing it is a part of growing into oneself. Ones can be flashy while on stage, but off stage need to be one on one to regenerate. Ones are resourceful and good at management or even better at project management. Ones are selective about friends but can have plenty of acquaintances who may think they're friends to the One. They may exude more masculine qualities while possessing feminine creative characteristics. Sexuality and sensuality are things Ones have to learn to manage.  They crave exploring sexuality but will sooner than later chose to be safe and loved by one partner. Ones don't want to sit around and twiddle their thumbs. They have a strong desire to explore and learn about different cultures and ways of life. 


Famous Ones: Tiger Woods, Maria Shriver, Sally Fields, George Lucas, and Nancy Reagan.


Sensitive, likes to share their feelings. They are peacekeepers and are great people be in long term relationships with because of their nesting and family values. Twos must be careful not to be too codependent to lovers, friends, and family. Image-wise,  it’s simple to understand twos by 1+1 = 2 meaning twos like to couple. Twos are cooperative, artistic, tactful, patient, understanding and can be a bit indecisive. Twos tend to have more feminine or nurturing quality than male/aggressive qualities. Twos would be wise to be mindful about their individual needs and develop strong self-esteem, so their voices can be heard. Twos are the pillars of good samaritans. I love the beauty of the peacekeeper.


Famous Twos: Bob Hope, Jennifer Aniston, Meg Ryan, Rose Kennedy, Tony Robbins, and Madonna.


Creativity, here comes your muse. The multi-tasker who loves colorful friends and has two fingers pointing up to the heavens and one finger down to earth. Three's are extremely creative and great at careers such as actors. poets, writers, politician, singers and well suited in written and verbal communication. Beware, threes are highly sexual and need room for improving their romance skills. Sexual energy is a threes power and dynamic force. Three's will be wise to practice making use of their sensual and romantic sides.  People who rise above tend to have high sexual energy. It all comes down to how they manage it. Three's are social, charming, can be a bit scattered, easygoing and expressive. To be their lover you’ll need to be a dynamic grounded person and a rascal in the bedroom.


Famous Threes: Barbara Walters, Hillary Clinton, Linda McCartney, Mary J. Blige, Jimmy Buffett, Shania Twain, Snoop Dog. 


The world and nature all need organization and the principles of the four are getting it done. As nature has 4 seasons winter, spring, summer and fall keeping the planet in a systematic flow and we navigate the byways and highways with our four directional corners consisting of north, east, west, and south. These qualities are also at play with the 4's birth path. The 4 works to manage, maintain a routine, and can be stubborn, disciplined, reliable and forthright. 4s are meticulous at their work and take performing to an all-new level, which is why they are a fabulous employee. If you want to hang-out with a 4 you better do what's right and be willing to debate for what you believe in or they will mess-you-up and walk all over you.


Give a 4 their own pace to accomplish a goal and they’ll get it done. These awesome people are best if they learn something right the first time because they don’t much like being taught a new way to do it again. They need to be patient when it comes to do-overs. 4 folks want fun people to hang with which helps them relax and enjoy quality private time. Their fun time can be quite competitive which seems counterproductive to relaxing, but this is a 4’s way of life.


Famous Fours: Dean Martin, Billy Graham, Frank Sinatra, Oprah Winfrey, Demi Moore, Bono, Jewel, Bill Gates, Sir Richard Branson, radio celebrity Laurie Sanders and Brad (can I kiss you) Pitt.


Fives love adventure. They should always have something on their bucket list. Being put into a cubical could smash a five's soul. They need to do work which allows them the freedom to a reasonable extent. Healer, lover, philosopher, excessive compulsive, shopper, nonconformist, magnetic, affectionate, cleaver, flirtatious, gregarious, unafraid of risks. Five's have a fire in their soul to live largely and to heal others regardless of their class or social standing. Fives put on the best parties and love social activity. Fives will not be stuck in a rut. They will manage to create some excitement. Fives also have a strong sexual output of energy and need to warm up to more sensual means. Their partners better have the insight to help handle this need for sensuality to keep a positive balance and help keep the five in check. The five has natural ability to take on other peoples problems as if the problem is their own. This is really important to distinguish so the five can find peace. By creating emotional boundaries around this matter all will be well. This is a sign of a healer. However, an untrained healer is not fabulous. It can lead to problematic lifestyles. Fives are great in the healing arts/science i.e. psychiatry, psychologist, marriage and family counselor, teacher, doctor, nurse politician, tour guide, artist, actor etc. 

Famous Fives: Abraham Lincoln, Angelina Jolie, Helen Keller, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Mick Jagger, Steven Spielberg, and Jackson Brown.


It’s all about the relationship! Here we find our Human Relations/ Casting people, teachers, therapist, mother, father, waiter, bartenders, sports coaches’ therapist. 6’s love building a home life and generally will take home and family over material gain or fancy job status. They are the peacemakers. Conflict will make them uncomfortable unless they learn skills in conflict resolution. If their home life is off-kilter, their whole life is uncomfortable. Stable home life allows a six to thrive. Caretakers, domestic, generous conventional, security-seeker, compromising, consistent. 6’s please make sure you pick a healthy partner, or you’ll always be rescuing people (not fabulous) 6 must be useful or they can become depressed. Being needed can be exhausting so 6 needs to make me-time to stay in touch with their own needs. Additionally, becoming an exceptional caregiver can also make you a passive control freak. Six is a fabulous partner who is loyal and a keeper.

Famous Sixes: Albert Einstein (33), Eddie Murphy, Howard Hughes, Joanne Woodward, Rosie O’Donnell, Elizabeth Browning, Goldie Hawn, and the inspiring Eleanor Roosevelt.


Serious, perfectionist, elegant, knowledgeable, solitary thinker, secretive, and skeptical. Here is a magical number in our world. In Christianity, it took seven days to make the world. Seven is the magic number in gambling. Sevens are always searching for a deeper understanding and love to analyze. Can’t accept things at face value and love facts and sizing up situations. Don’t try too hard to sway a seven. They’re not moving. Can seem distant, cold, or aloof to others. They ave fabulous taste in the finer things. Sevens also love to indulge in spiritual practices such as naturopathic healing, astrology, psychic healing, and others. They attract money through their expertise. Can’t accept second best or imitations. Most people simply cannot read a seven. Very discerning in intimate relationships. May have hundreds of acquaintances, but a handful of real friends. Sevens will leave a crowded room to get home to their one-on-one partner where they are most comfortable. Must live in a quiet place, or live alone. They tend to be fussy about food and health products. Self-esteem is rooted in the successful development of your ideas, more than in your emotional relationships.

Famous Sevens: Eric Clapton, Dr. Phil, JFK, Julia Roberts, Antonio Banderas, Katherine Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Melinda Gates, Princes Diana, Steven Halpern, Queen Elizabeth.


Your mission is to learn how to manage power, love, and money. Strong executive type, success is driven, decisive, relishes authority, blunt at times, focused on mastering what they love doing and eights tends to be judgmental. However, eights are great problem solvers, so good judgment calls are needed, so don’t knock the judgment too much. LOL :-)

Eight enjoys managing people to experiment at bringing about their greatest potential, and are effective at it. As a leader eights can tend to be bossy but loyal. Eights are caring but may appear on the surface to be heartless. They are the last one to leave the office, and fears being broke even when they’ve acquired significant wealth.


Fabulous at management and executive lifestyles. Driven to achieve material success but must be careful not to run over too many people in the process. Being a soft loving person at home is a struggle for eights but they’ll do their best. Truth is imperative to keeping an eight in your life. If you lie, you’re out for the time being. They may forgive after time but never forget. Can be extremely confidant and project-driven.


However, they are very sensitive and sweet to those they love and learn to respect. Respect is a huge quality eight's look for. Being respectful and providing respect to those who earn it comes easy for eights. They tend to prefer to work in seclusion in order to control their environment. Eights instinctively know what to implement to suit situations and can delegate talks/tasks to those best suited to accomplish them. Eights who take homemaking to heart will need to express their self through a career or volunteer leadership. Strong, assertive and competitive is the tender eight.

Famous Eights: Martha Stewart, Elizabeth Taylor, Joni Mitchell, Whoopi Goldberg, Barbra Streisand, Faith Hill (not my sister) Edgar Cayce, Stevie Nicks, and Paul Newman.


Your mission: To be complicated and loving people. They are philosophical old souls who are intuitive, romantic and have strong feminine-energy. Nines can be a bit passive, are very deep thinkers who can be a bit eccentric.  Nines feel like they don’t fit into any group and struggle with it till they realize they don’t need to fit into any group (thank goodness). Nines know life is multi-layered and what you see, taste and hear are only parts to the larger picture of the human experience. These spiritual Nines often get wisdom from pulling information from the whispering winds. They are passionate and consummate teachers of many branches of knowledge i.e. yoga, conventional education, councilors, ministers and healer. These folks like their alone time and privacy. In their personal life, they can be elusive and dramatic. Nines sense the energy of other people, and therefore must protect their senses by establishing emotional and psychic boundaries. Nine is generous with money and time... that is if you can tie them down long enough. Additionally, these rascals are moody, so ride the wave. They can suffer from indecision and feeling of confusion from an unconscious desire not to limit themselves. Nines believe all things are possible. Nines are one of my favorite numbers, not only in people, but nine is one of my favorite numbers in life.

Famous Nines: Alan Greenspan, Bob Marley, Elvis Presley, Camilla Parker Bowles, Whitney Houston, Mahatma Gandhi, Frank Lloyd Wright, Robin Williams


Elevens are the most sensitive of all. They can tune into other people positive or negative feelings really well. They should move slowly into intimate relationships because they are so loyal therefore having the right mate is really important. Elevens are extremely spiritually and mystically inclined. No matter how well educated they may become or whom their inner circle consists of they won’t be shy to admit their interest in the metaphysics of life without the worry of others judgment. Elevens need a lot of intellectual stimulation, they are poetic, refined, feminine, passive, intense and eccentric. Complicated as they may be, but worth it. The Eleven has a strong desire to dive into the spiritual world to better understands the things that make the underworld go-around. They love to be coupled, which you can tell by the image of the number i.e. 1+1 two single ones/towers standing side by side together. Eleven will nurture the revelatory and eccentric aspects of your nature within the limitations of reality. Can find unusually intense energy at your disposal. Elevens feel a strong urge to fulfill a mission and will do so against all odds. Travel is one way to keep ‘em quiet. Eleven is a master number so treat them with kid gloves.

Famous Elevens: Anthony Robbins, Rose Kennedy, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Terri Irwin, Ronald Reagan, Prince Charles, and Jackie Kennedy.


Master numbers are more intense than single digest numbers because they have more to accomplish, or at least they may feel this way. It’s important to note all of the four's numerologies is part of the Twenty-two’s identity. Twenty-Twos may do well at doing large production where marketing and sales go hand in hand, such as large outdoor concerts. Twenty-Twos take pride in creating cooperation and are good at managing partnerships. They’re ambitious, pragmatic and have great leadership skills. Twenty-Twos may scrutinize more because they are prone to create stability and security, as well as being prone to being over-achievers. They are competent visionaries, practical, efficient and can become experts in their chosen field. Honest, hardworking, and extremely complex, they have the ability to find creative outlets by being an Art Director or Architect, not only for residential or commercial but also for movie sets or stage designer. They love to reinvent how we get things done and see things we normally take for granted in a very different way. They are serious, loyal and fabulous multitaskers.

Famous Twenty-Twos: Bryan Adams, John Kerry, Sir Richard Branson Woody Allen, Pamela Anderson, Sean Diddy Combs, Russell Crowe, Bill Gates, Elton John, Nicole Kidman, Paul McCartney, Demi Moore, Mike Myers, Sarah Jessica Parker, Dolly Parton, Brad Pitt, Keanu Reeves, Adam Sandler, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Vanessa Williams.

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