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Get Ready for 2020!


It’s Time For The All-New You!

Journal and pen
Write out your best decade so far!

Every ten years is a new season in your life and society. This example is easy to accept by only looking back over some recent decades.

  • The ‘60s: with the Vietnam war, protests, hippies, politically focused musical observations, and a dawning of peace consciousness previously unknown.

  • The ‘70s: when my mom painted all things avocado or gold, the explosion of rock ‘n’ roll, glam rock, and punk; with Elton John, The Sex Pistols, Janis Ian and the Rolling Stones telling stories that exposed all ears to even more of our sameness and collective dreams.

  • The ‘80s: when mauve swept through every home I visited on holiday in Palm Springs, CA, and beyond. Madonna and Wham got us up and dancing. Disco finally died, and we needed some lightening up after the substantial social discourse of the ’60s and ’70s, thus, Big Hair!

Bringing it down to the micro, consider our personal development.

  • 1-10 years: child development. All essential learning begins, walking, talking, socializing, and making basic choices.

  • 10-20 years: sexual development and exploration. The early years of new freedoms and responsibilities.

  • 20-30 years: applying all we learned from 1-20 to see what sticks and what was fantasy. Figuring out more defined directions of interest and income creation.

  • 30-40 years: Nature and society pushing us to couple-up and give birth to car notes, mortgages, babies, and marriage (if you didn’t start in your previous decade).

These are simplified examples, but nonetheless, I think you get my point.

Decades as periods, offer us a general beginning and end to delineate growth and creativity, combined with the ability to measure our development on a historical timeline.

Before us is the year 2020. This next year officially kicks off a new decade. Consequently, these numbers (2+0+2+0) bring us into a Four year. As a numbers guy - Camberology - I sense the next ten years are going to be explosive in data compression and international connectively. These signs of progress will exponentially drive development and create an equal playing field for individuals from Asia to South America, allowing more and more people with something as small as a cell phone to produce incredible results.

Back to the micro: You have an opportunity to intentionally create the next ten years of your life, instead of letting life shape you. The Secret is there’s no secret, just people who create opportunities using the knowledge available and those who ignore it and let life take them where it will.

Grab a brand new journal, binder, or scratchpad and begin to draw out your vision of what you want your life to look like over the next decade. Find the Zen or Flow that belongs only to your life and line it up to match the lifestyle you most adore. Write out your particular desires for a perfect day, the ideal work-life, best relationship. Then release the thoughts and follow your intuition as it moves you to shuffle your feet and make things happen.

From that day-dreaming space, you’ll ease into, what the Japanese cal,l the wabi-sabi of those visions: The imperfect beauty of what you genuinely want flowing to you through inspired action and trust in your vision.

Happy holidays, and may this season, and this upcoming fresh, new decade, bring you more laughter, joy, excellent food, great people, and fun adventures.

Not sure where to start? Never fear! Camber’s here!

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