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Camber's unique approach to coaching is a fun and approachable way to put your life in order. Watch this 3-minute intro video, and then click the button below to get a better understanding of Camber's approach, and how he can benefit your relationships, your career, and your development.

How can I accelerate your journey?


Camber Hill has a unique ability to understand the elements that influence your day-in-day-out existence. Through Numerology, he can help define what steps to take towards improvement, and how to manage the change with the highest result and the least resistance, giving you the edge you need to become more happy, healthy and successful.

His direct yet intuitive approach will inspire you to dig into the real issues, to lift your spirit to a new level, and to get your life dancing, instead of just walking. You’ll experience new, previously untapped dimensions within yourself, getting you back in charge of -and enjoying- the best times of your life.


Camber's compassion and cohesive insights can benefit any human being in a transition. Whether you're a cognizance of your energy and personal realities or not, Numerology will clarify the situations that concern or confound you daily.

Camber also successfully consults with couples through trying times, or just when you feel like you need a reset with each other.

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444 W. Ocean Blvd, Suite #800

Long Beach, CA 90802

(562) 243-4573

Proudly serving Southern California; from Long Beach, Los Angeles, and Orange County, to all areas in-between since 1983

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