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Camber's Super September! 9/10/2019

also affectionately known as Camberland.
Welcome to Camber Hill Coaching

Humans haven't changed too much over the last few thousand years. But our innovative ways to make life better have dramatically changed the quality of our everyday life. There have been plenty of incredible technical advances which lifted us out of the national mindset of the Industrial Age and thrust us into the Digital Age.

These tremendous changes have provided us with explosive growth and luxurious lifestyles. One of the byproducts of this age is the runoff of energy seen and unseen. We all agree the white noise in our lives is now at overwhelming degrees. But one thing I want to point out is there are things we don't see which have an impact on all of us. In this case, it's electromagnetic waves. This particular type of energy isn't related to our modern devices but emits directly and continuously from human beings. This Electromagnetic energy, although it's invisible, it has real power to affect our wellbeing if we don't manage it.

If you live in any major city or suburban area, you are dealing with Electromagnetic radiation waves dashing all around you and moving through you. Science has discovered electromagnetic fields emanate from humans and therefore dense populations are constant traffic jams for electromagnetic radiation.

Marko Sokolich, former Deputy Director of Microelectronics (Retired) at H.R.L. Laboratories, L.L.C. (1982-2013)

Jan 2, 2018

"People give off electromagnetic radiation. Although the highest level of pollution we give off is the infrared (10 micrometers) wavelength, we also give off radiation at around 100 GHz (~ 1-millimeter) wavelength. This level is similar to some of airport security systems."

In addition to this fact, the overall environment we work and play in may also play a role contributing to making these electromagnetic energies a bummer of an issue.

Two areas worth spotlighting are work environments and home.

The most destructive environments are workplaces with people stacked on top of one another and overwhelmed by the stressed-out energy of too much work. These people are often over-caffeinated and desperately trying to get through the day, all the while putting out measurable electromagnetic waves.

Unhappy brain waves in a collective pool are going to have an impact on the productivity and life force in a professional environment. No matter if you are working with a few people or many, this matter can be very bothersome. However, it becomes more noticeable when there are dozens or hundreds, and sometimes thousands of people stacked into high-rises and in rows upon rows of cubicles.

These environmental conditions, combined with the stress of everyday life, have left us with some potential issues such as brain inflammation.

Emotional dis-eases such as depression and anxiety are huge issues bookended from our youth to our seniors who are suffering from these mental health issues.

So, we've uncovered some revelations about everyday life for many of us which may well contribute to our mental stress.

1) electromagnetic waves, 2) our work environment, 3) brain inflammation.

With all this is energy coming at us what can we do to offset it?

Years ago, I discovered when visiting the beaches, or desserts (i.e., Palm Springs, Laguna Beach, SoCal locations) had an immediate calming sensation. Peace would wash over me, spreading a feeling of calm and centered introspection. In this Zen-like zone, I was able to be more relaxed, more productive, and more able to problem solve and experience overall wellness. My theory… something's happening here which I cannot define with my five senses, but let's move to the beach, Duh!

What I learned was living at, or at least visiting regularly, in some aspect of nature was home-sweet-home. I then learned that science had hard evidence to back up my hunch.

If you are feeling the pressures of everyday life bringing you down let's get you plugged into some pure positive energy. Being in nature makes this more manageable, but you can stop and do this anywhere or any time you need to regroup.

Everything begins and ends with energy! So, if you want to feel better, we need to download some Zen vibes. If you're feeling overwhelmed, calming down A.S.A.P. is necessary to get back to wellbeing. The first step is understanding that no matter where you are, you have the power to ultimately change or bend your reality by simply changing your mind.

woman breathing
Any time, any place, you can take 10 seconds to breathe.

The first thing to do is become exclusively focused on your breathing. On your first intake of breath, relax your shoulders and butt cheeks.
On the second intake of breath, become aware of your mind's thinking process, and slow it down.
With the third breath, you're going to take your life back and be completely present with where you are and what you know in your heart. You can slowly change things, one thought, and one moment at a time. For now, it's about collapsing into your Zen state of mind.

Practice this when you're doing mundane tasks such as washing dishing, as the Buddha said, "...cut wood, carry water." There is enlightenment in ordinary jobs done with devotion.

Practice this while showering, driving, listening to your boss, or doing just about anything in your everyday life. As you practice this centering mindfulness, you'll begin to develop your Zen wellbeing.

Next, start a meditation practice. Find a time you can devote to this every day, or as often as you can manage for now, even if it's five minutes a day, start now. Eventually, work your way to 30-minutes a day, if this takes the rest of your lifetime, it will be worth it all.

Next to accelerate this complimentary practice by taking up Yoga. Even though Yoga looks like it's for your body, it's actually for your mind. If you look at Yogis, you'll notice their bodies are not like American models or Trainers, because Yoga's about body-mind unity.

By applying these techniques, you will shift your electromagnetic energy and be able to get grounded and centered. The electromagnetic energy coming at you will flow around you, instead of through you, and you'll be much better at traffic-control of your wellbeing.

These practices will also lower your brain inflammation which can have a fabulous effect on every aspect of the quality of your life.

I hope your good luck, good fortune, and fabulous relationships grow more rewarding each passing day.


My website, email, blog and content is under the editorial wings of Caitlin Crest, boss of Zephyr Graphics & Web Design.

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