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Camber coaches for improved family communication!

Parents sometimes have a difficult time reaching their teenage children for a long list of reasons. Also, children feel like a major disconnect with their parent’s thinking and believe that nothing they say or do will change their parent’s minds. 


This is the proverbial “Generation Gap”, and it doesn't matter which generation is involved, we can all learn better communication and compassion skills.

Siblings, too, often develop inadequate, outdated ways of perceiving each other. It's never too late to correct those old perceptions.


When both parties are at a standstill we will find the disconnect and build a bridge to fruitful communication. We will learn new tools for both young (15+) and mature persons to have breakthroughs and bring the family back together again.


As long as all parties involved are willing to lean in and do the work, you can achieve a happy household with respectful interactions.  

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