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Camber's Happy August! ~ 7/21/2019

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

Numerology 1-9, 11, 22 and 33

Here is a look at characteristics of those whose birth date numbers equal out to a Eleven (11) in Numerology. To recap the process of knowing your birth (sometimes referred to as your Life Path number), here's a birth date which boils down to a 11:

I dedicate this example to my friend Mac who changed my life for the highest good and died from complications of AIDS back in the mid 90's. He was my 1st Eleven to study. However, to give you some reference point of someone famous, Tony Robbins, was born on February 29, 1960: 2 + 11 + 16 = 29 = 11 The objective is to reduce the birthday equation down to the single digit between 1-9, except in the cases where when you boil it down and it comes to 11, 22, and 33 which are called master numbers - this can be a tricky deduction and takes some practice knowing when you have a 2 or an 11. Elevens means this person is probably more complicated and may have a special mission.

Eleven: Your look like this

Elevens: Elevens are the most sensitive of all. They can tune into other people positive or negative feelings really well. They should move slowly into intimate relationships because they are so loyal therefore having the right mate is really important. Elevens are extremely spiritually and mystically inclined. No matter how well educated they may become or whom their inner circle consists of they won’t be shy to admit their interest in the metaphysics of life without the worry of others judgment. Elevens need a lot of intellectual stimulation, they are poetic, refined, feminine, passive, intense and eccentric. Complicated as they may be, but worth it. The Eleven has a strong desire to dive into the spiritual world to better understands the things that make the underworld go-around. They love to be coupled, which you can tell by the image of the number i.e. 1+1 two single ones/towers standing side by side together. Eleven will nurture the revelatory and eccentric aspects of your nature within the limitations of reality. Can find unusually intense energy at your disposal. Elevens feel a strong urge to fulfill a mission and will do so against all odds. Travel is one way to keep ‘em quiet. Eleven is a master number so treat them with kid gloves.

Famous Elevens: Anthony Robbins, Rose Kennedy, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Terri Irwin, Ronald Reagan, Prince Charles, and Jackie Kennedy.


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3. All of us who hunger for personal development would be wise to realize how meditation can helps us move the needle of our desires exponentially forward. The fact is if you have an inner calling to refine the real you means you have a wellspring of wisdom calling you and it's in the kind part of your soul beckoning you to claim it's wisdom. However, understanding meditations is one of those things causing us to find a new way to language it. Since you can't see, taste or smell it so quantifiably talking about it is new. One of the ways and there are many which I love is Zen meditation. Zen which simply relies on following the breath. No other fancy tools or objects just you sitting still and following your breath. To learn more visit John Parrott and Julian Goldie's website Here you'll find out about many aspects about Zen.


.4 Here is an incredible interview where Lewis Howes interviews Sam Harris. You can cut through the first 30 minutes where he talks about his drug awakening experience to get to the meat of the story about meditation and what and how it works. This is a 2 part interview. Part 2 is even better. Enjoy!


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