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What's on Camber's mind this week?

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

Numerology 1-9, 11, 22 and 33

As promised here is a look at characteristics of those whose birth-date numbers equal out to a Five in Numerology. In the previous newsletter, I explained how you do the math. To recap, here's a birth date which boils down to a Five: President Abraham Lincoln's was born on 02/12/1809. 2+12+1809= 1823= 5 The objective is to reduce the birthday equation down to the single digit between 1-9, except in the cases where when you boil it down and it comes to 11, 22, and 33 this means this person is more complicated and may have a special mission.

1) The Fives:

Fives love adventure. They should always have something on their bucket list. Being put into a cubical could smash a five's soul. They need to do work which allows them freedom to a reasonable extent. Healer, lover, philosopher, excessive compulsive, shopper, nonconformist, magnetic, affectionate, cleaver, flirtatious, gregarious, unafraid of risks. Five's have a fire in their soul to live large and to heal others regardless of their class or social standing. Fives put on the best parties and love social activity. Fives will not be stuck in a rut. They will manage to create some excitement. Fives also have strong sexual output of energy and need to warm up to more sensual means. Their partners better have an insight to help handle this need for sensuality to keep a positive balance and help keep the five in check. The five has natural ability to take on other peoples problems as if the problem is their own. This is really important to distinguish so the five can find peace. By creating emotional boundaries around this matter all will be well. This is a sign of a healer. However, an untrained healer is not fabulous. It can lead to problematic lifestyles. Fives are great in the healing arts/science i.e. psychiatry, psychologist, marriage and family counselor, teacher, doctor, nurse politician, tour guide, artist, actor etc.

Famous Fives: Abraham Lincoln, Angelina Jolie, Helen Keller, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Mick Jagger, Steven Spielberg, and Jackson Brown.

2. The Movie of The Month.

I was expecting Rocketman to follow the standard narrative of the protagonist becoming a rockstar, not unlike Bohemian Rhapsody. However, Rocketman is a musical. Normally I'm not one for musicals. I loved Rocketman! The way the narrative was sewn together was brilliant. I highly recommend it. This is a two hour (plus trailers) movie so use restroom prior.

3. Camber's Turbo Food

This week it's all about nutrition and endurance in a blender. This delicious vegan smoothie will have you run faster, longer and have more fun doing it. This is not a meal replacement, rather a nutrition booster. If you'd like to lose weight, feel double the energy without the rollercoaster ride of coffee, then try this concoction. The main key here is Baby Beets.



Persian cucumber

baby beets


pea protein

raw brown flax seed

mixed frozen fruit i.e. blue berries, raspberry, strawberries and pineapple

ice cubes

water to about the top of the food

4. Relationships must be Safe and Trusting

To love and be loved in return is everybody's most cherished experience. However, there is a factor of two therefore I urge you to seriously download these two factors to reach the full love potential in a fantastic long term relationship. You must be safe and trusted. If you want to focus on two values which will bleed into all the other parts of your relationships, they are:

1) Trust and the icing on the cake is to be certain you are 2) Safe with this person.

It may sound obvious but it's not. This goes for all personal relationships. Trust and Safe. Trust them to tell you the truth and safe with them in how they treat you, talk to you, act when you're not there, safe with their opinions about you or for you. Just because you trust someone doesn't mean you're safe with them. Often I see couples who suffer because their partner may have invented their own moral compass which is not safe for the other person to be as happy as they deserve, no matter how hard you try to get them to lighten up they want to force their moral, religious or jealous viewpoint onto to other. It's not a holy thing, it's a terrible situation. Safe and Trusted are different. It's best to audit your relationship and make sure you have both or seek couples coaching to help establish better boundaries.

5. What Sets Me Apart from other Coaches?

Camberology is based on 3.5 decades of studying numbers derived from a birthday.

It's a fascinating tool which helps to quickly access a person's deeply entrenched personality system. Camberology opens people heart and minds. This tried and true system creates a deeply meaningful conversation, straight away. As your private coach, we dive into your emotional intelligence and intellectual capacities to move you toward your desired passionate outcome. Visit CAMBERHILL.COM today and book your private session face to face or on Zoom from wherever you are in the world.

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