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Happy Holidays 2021

The holiday season officially began as of Thanksgiving and it’s fast becoming my favorite annual holiday, but frankly, my favorite days are my birthday (should be a national paid holiday :-) and the birthdays of my family and friends.

Since a fabulous life is all about people and the art of relationships, this blog post is dedicated to the experiences I’m fond of with people who decorate my life. The beautiful ones and the messy ones :)

Even though this is a bit belated adhering to a Thanksgiving theme is crucial, so in keeping with the spirit, I’m thankful for learning how to wash my own laundry by the ripe age of six (6) years old.

I’m grateful to have learned how to cook quite well at forty-six (46) years old. Better late than never.

I’m grateful to have never broken a bone in my body, or been cut into by a surgeon, but I’ve had my heart broken a dozen times or more. I also think I’d be better prepared for life if I’d played a team sport, but my mother wouldn’t allow it. Hence never broken a bone. Thank God?

I’m grateful to my parents who allowed me to feel safe and loved as I was learning what it meant to be me. Yet with all the liberal attitudes I now appreciate, I used to desire a more strict or structured home environment and once begged my mom to put me on restriction. She did and it lasted about three hours and the deal was over.

I’m grateful for people who’ve hired and entrusted me to sit, listen and coach them into solving minor and major issues which bullied them, only to move on to bigger matters at hand. People who think outside the box are in love with solving problems until they kick the bucket and there simply aren't any problems left to solve.

I’ve coached individuals, couples, and a few times entire families when I should have worn a professional referee uniform. Over the thousands of people I’ve coached I’m proud to have a few who are lifelong friends. Friends are everything to a good life. The good ones and the bad ones.

I’m grateful to myself for fighting to the bitter end to understand and reconcile my sexuality. The only regret is It took 30 years to get 100 % clear. If you don’t kiss it’s not gay? I wish I would have kissed more.

No regrets, only deep deep satisfaction to have been loved and lived doing things I always dreamed of if only for a short time is like a fantasy totally fulfilled with plenty of room for more.

I’m grateful for all the people who believed in me more than I believed in myself. It’s taught me to strategically navigate my clients in and out of complex and uncertain water. I’m darn proud of my clients who never cease to amaze me. As Muhammad Ali said, “service to others is the rent you pay for your room on earth”.

When working as an executive in corporate settings I never liked national holidays. You’d work your butt off to get it all done for one day or two days off (weekend not included) then work your tail off to catch up. It’s a big rush only to stay still for moments and then by the time you actually CHill-out it’s back to the hamster cage to get back on the wheel. Not fabulous!

It’s magical chemistry to fall deeply in love with those who truly know you. It’s happened half a dozen times in my life, but I can’t wait till I’m drunk on love again. It’s worth whatever it takes.

I hope you have a magical holiday season and you’re surrounded the whole time by those who sincerely love you, so when Monday comes around like it always does, you’re rested, inspired, and filled with love. Now sit back and relish this 2021 holiday season.

From Camberland, I send you tons of warm blessings.

Camber Hill.

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Thank you Camber for this wonderful message!! You are truly gifted in so many ways…Anyone who knows you either though friendship or coaching knows you are a special kind of cheerleader!! I’m beyond blessed to have you as my friend!!! 💜


Thanks Camber. You are also a great writer!

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