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Honesty Pays Dividends

Nearly all personal and professional relationship could use more honesty! As an executive Lifestyle Coach I spend a lot of time helping my clients trust being honest. Being honest takes courage, practice and knowhow. The benefits to sustained honest communication is building long-term relationships to carry you thru the best of times and the worst of times.

The art of honesty has been shrouded in social norms i.e. It’s better to bend the truth, why be honest it just going to hurt him/her, if I tell the truth they’ll never talk to me again. Our mind’s create all sorts of creative way’s to dodge telling our truth. At the simply definition is “Freedom from deceit or fraud”.

Frankly we’d all be wise to start mastering the art of Attractive Honesty. Doing so will create a lifetime full of loving and reciprocal relationships.

The more attractive and honest you become the more successful and dynamic life becomes. With more peace in your relationships your positive energy can pour into areas which expands your happiness.

  • Being honest takes negative energy and turns it into positive energy

  • Being honest creates a glowing heart and soul for both parties

  • Being honest creates strong and dynamic relationships

  • Being honest curves depression, anger and weight issues

  • Being honest created trust which paves our bright future

  • Being honest opens the door for our greatest self to arrive

  • Being honest gets easier and better each time we practice it

  1. Prevention:To prevent yourself from doing something you’d regret, ask yourself one qualifying question “can I tell a court room of my peers, with out humiliation, why I did what I am about to do?”. If you can not explain without being totally humiliated-then don’t do it. Simply walk away.

  2. Delivering Attractive Honesty: sharing your truth with a person must be done carefully. To enhance a positive out come, invite the person into a controlled environment where the two of you won’t be interrupted.

  3. Have a bullet point note to follow. This way your conversation won’t drift.

  4. ​Tell them how much you appreciate them and what they do for you.

  5. ​Suggest they take a deep breath as you share this truth.

  6. ​Sincerely tell your story, with out blame or attempt to make it Just. Simply tell your truth.

  7. ​Give your listener time to take it all in.

  8. ​Ask for forgiveness or acceptance. (depending on the matter) This method get’s better with practice.

  9. Maintenance: When spontaneous situations arise and emotional are high, keep track of your tone of voice and your heart rate.

If your voice or your heart beat get out of hand, this is a sign of a red flag- you must back off and settle down, or wait until a better time to precede. This rule-of- thumb is intended for you and the other person. Mutual respect must always be a fundamental part in our attempts in presenting Attractive Honesty.

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