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Camber's Happy Hump Day ~ Thoughts & News

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

Numerology 1-9, 11, 22 and 33

As promised here is a look at characteristics of those whose birth date numbers equal out to a Eight (8) in Numerology.

To recap the process of knowing your birth (sometimes referred to as your Life Path number), here's a birth date which boils down to a 8:

Martha Steward was born on August 03, 1941: 08+03+1941 = 1952 = 17=8 The objective is to reduce the birthday equation down to the single digit between 1-9, except in the cases where when you boil it down and it comes to 11, 22, and 33 - this means this person is probably more complicated and may have a special mission.

Eights: Your mission is to learn how to manage power, love and money. Strong executive type, success driven, decisive, relishes authority, blunt at times, focused on mastering what they love doing and 8’s tends to be judgmental. However, 8’s are great problem solvers, so good judgment calls are needed, so don’t knock the judgement too much. LOL

8 enjoys managing people to experiment at bring about their greatest potential and are effective at it. As a leader 8’s can tend to be bossy but loyal. 8’s are caring but may appear on the surface to be heartless. Last one to leave the office. Fears being broke even when they’ve acquired significant wealth. Fabulous at management and executive lifestyles. Driven to achieve material success but must be careful not to run over too many people in the process. Being a soft loving person at home is a struggle for 8’s but they’ll do their best. Truth is imperative to keeping an eight in your life. If you lie, you’re out for the time being. They may forgive after time, but never forget. Can be extremely confidant and project driven. However, they are very sensitive and sweet to those they love and learn to respect. Respect is a huge quality eight's look for. Being respectful and providing respect to those who earn it comes easy for 8’s. They tend to prefer to work in seclusion in order to control their environment. Eights instinctively know what to implement to suit situations and can delegate talks/tasks to those best suited to accomplish them. 8’s who take homemaking to heart will need to express them self through a career or volunteer leadership. Strong, assertive and competitive is the tender 8.

Famous Eights: Martha Stewart, Elizabeth Taylor, Joni Mitchell, Whoopi Goldberg, Barbra Streisand, Faith Hill (not my sister) Edgar Cayce, Stevie Nicks, and Paul Newman.

Isn't Martha pretty!


The Splintered Soul Part (1)

When you were born you were like a perfect hand crafted China bowl. Each day following your birthday life poured experiences into your bowl and began to create the you sitting here today.

Some experiences were really positive and loving and some were bad and hurt you down to the bone. These thousands of experiences began to shape your personality and how you see and relate to the world around you. These bad or horrible experiences chipped away at your beautiful China bowl leaving indelible scars on your Splintered Soul.

These life experiences are what mental health professionals call Premature Cognitive Decisions and what I call The Splintered Soul. The challenge with these moments is they have long lasting harsh effect on a yourself-esteem and or self-perception which effects the long term day in and day out decisions you're making.

Here's a true story of how this sort of thing plays out.

Story from the pages of The Splintered Soul. (book forthcoming)

When I was in 8th grade I was an average boy, which is exactly how I perceived my self .

I wasn't the smartest kid in the class and I wasn't the ugliest kid, I was simply dead smack in the middle, a good 5 out of 1-10 spectrum. A few of my buddies however were smart, handsome and fine athletes. Most of the time I could hold my own hanging-out with them.

One day in physical education class (P.E.) we were asked to form teams for a game of basketball. My BFF at the time was 1 of the 2 captains, so I was assured to be picked straight away.

With only 10 people in the horse shoe line up, I stood waiting to see him point and pick me. I'd be picked first or second at least!

First guy picked was totally a 1st draft player, so I'll be next? The 2nd person picked and a third and it was not me. Okay so those guys are good. WTF, what about me? I was the second to the last guy picked. Soul now splintered.

In this minor miserable experience I made a Premature Cognitive Decision; "I am no good at sports and everyone knows it. Additionally, I will avoid this sort of potential humiliation at all cost. Basically I hate sports! Most sports, but especially basketball".

This was my premature cognitive decision. I would not intellectually realize I'd made this sort of distinction between me and i.e. football, basketball, hockey and others brutal sports for nearly 25 + years. Yet I did enjoy tennis, volleyball, racketball, later a huge soccer fan which I love today. This crazy idea was forged with only a bit of information and had a substantial impact on the way I'd played my life out. As a gay person having zero interest in these nationally loved sports didn't help in my socializing skills, which I simply blamed on being gay (bad idea, lots of gay men love these sports) I remained uninterested based on FEAR (false evidence appearing real)

How did I overcome this PCD?

One day I decided to get over this fear. I had a hunch if I could revisit the scene of the crime I could overcome this silly notion. So I hopped into my car on a Saturday and drove to my Junior high school to see if I could recover myself.

It was a cloudy afternoon and no one was on the school grounds so I made my way to the basket ball court on the black top. I recreated the scene that day in my mind and could see the faces of the guys who were there. I saw the dark blue uniform shirts with the gold letters Mesa Robles glowing. In my minds eye the adult me is standing on the sidelines as an apparition watching this scene unfold. The boys are all lined up in the horse shoe configuration and the two team leaders are about to chose the team members. Only this time things are going to be different, why because I'm in charge NOW!

Steve, my BFF is scanning the faces of his top picks. He stands back ponders and picks one of the guys who's just the bomb at basketball and I get it! The other team lead takes his pick. Now there are 6 guys standing. Steve takes a stand back and scans the faces of the 6 guys left and BAM, I freeze frame the moment. Everybody's frozen except of course me the producer of this mental exercise behind the little me I appear in the frame and say in a soft but firm voice, Hello little man. He turns around and I introduce myself. He's shy but instantly trusts me. I inform him that I'm from the future and I came to pay him a visit to let him know he doesn't need to worry one bit about sports because it's not his calling and I am from his adult life where he lives in Long Beach CA (he's not familiar with LB at this point in life) He accepts my explanation and I continue. I wanted to let you know your gonna be alright and to enjoy the day and play your best hoops. I pat him on the head in a gesture of affection. I then unfreeze the rest of the dream state reality and the PE class returns to playing out.

The 3rd pick is me and a big smile crosses my adult face. I decided since this is my dream recovery I'll bump up the success by giving little me some beginners luck on the court making a few baskets to give the team a win on my back. Keep in mind this is my game today and I'll do as I see fit because I'm a winner dam it.

After the game I came up to my teenage self and asked how it played. He said "great" with a smirk of good luck on his smart ass face. I tell him I'm here to take you home and he puts his soft palm into mine and I walk him back to my car. We're going home buddy and everything is going to be okay. I'll take care of everything from here on out.

At this moment the Zen China bowl which makes up my life's container has a healed cracked by filling it as zen does with gold dusted lacquer or love in this case. In Zen Buddhism it's called Wabi Sabi. Here it's called the healing of the Splintered Soul.

The end. The beginning.


3. ZEN- Ambition.

In this great big beautiful world finding peace when you're busting your ass is difficult. Ambitious people have a hard time making room in their brain for calm, but with calm comes incredible reach and resourcefulness.


temporary-logo-zen of imperfection-camber hill
A New Workshop from Camber Hill Coaching

4. A Brand New Approach to Life: The Zen of Imperfection.

"Practice makes perfect"... but there's no such thing as "perfection"

- except that everything is perfect, even imperfection. Confused?

Join us for a fabulous dive into this thought provoking concept.

Saturday July 27 from 2:00-5:00 pm

Join us at this lovely and intimate venue for a wonderful time.

3910 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach, CA 90807

Tickets $35. At the door $40.

Pre-register at until midnight on Thursday, July 25th

Late registration may require floor sitting or BYOC.


5. What Sets Me Apart from other Coaches?

Camberology is based on 3.5 decades of studying dynamic and successful people and the numbers associated with their birthdates. It's that simple.

Numerology/Camberology is fascinating tool which helps to access clients deeply entrenched personality system. As your life-coach, we dive into your emotional intelligence and intellectual capacities to help you taken steps to better understand this life and the people you have in yours. Visit today and book your private session face to face or on Zoom from wherever you are in the world.


My website, email, blog and content is under the editorial wings of Caitlin Crest, boss of Zephyr Graphics & Web Design.

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