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Ten Tricks To Maintain a Positive Attitude

How can I be a more positive person?

There will always be external and internal forces testing our inner strengths and weaknesses. By being more aware and in tune with your desire to change your routine, you can enhance your life. This positive energy you will be creating will also enhance many aspects of your life and of the people you hang with to the new people you’ll attract. Every person is emanating a vibe from their body, mind and heart, this is something to keep in mind. By making conscious choices and putting an effort to be positive in your everyday life, will only result in a more beautiful and abundant existence.

Here are 10 ideas to become a more positive person

1. Start your day with a positive thought or affirmation for example, “good things are happening to me today” or “ I’m going to enhance the lives of every person I meet today”’

2. Police your thoughts and keep your criticism about yourself and about others on lockdown.

3. Greet everyone you meet with a sincere compliment.

4. Refrain from talking about the past. Keep the now and the future your main interest.

5. Keep every conversation moving in a positive direction.

6. Pay attention to your face and smile more often when around others.

7. Keep your ears listening to empowering media i.e. good news, positive music or any type of entertainment. Keep blood and guts to a minimum.

8. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables morning noon and night.

9. When in a group be individually responsible for keeping things positive even if the group is negative remain focused on solutions not the problem.

10. Lift the spirit of someone or everyone you encounter on this unique day of your life.

These suggestions may be simple but implementing some or all will create a big splash once adopted in your everyday routines and situations. You’re a unique and wonderful person who has attributes unlike every other person so now put some more positive habits into place. Today be on the lookout for someone who can use your unique talent and touch. Step out of your home today and say

“something wonderful is happening to me today”.

Bring it on!

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