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This is an example of the data validation formula: =IF(AND(A3=$G$1,B3=$H$1,C3=$I$1,D3=$J$1,E3=$K$1,F3=$L$1,G3=$M$1),TRUE,FALSE) The purpose of this example is to indicate the resulting value of a calculation based on the contents of cells in the row to the right of the data validation. In this example, the value of cell J3 is compared to cell G1,H1,I1,J1,K1 and L1,M1. Based on the results of the comparison, the calculated value of the data validation can be True or False. This is an example of the formula: =IF(A3=$G$1,IF(B3=$H$1,IF(C3=$I$1,IF(D3=$J$1,IF(E3=$K$1,IF(F3=$L$1,IF(G3=$M$1,H3,I3,J3,K3,L3,M3,TRUE))),FALSE),FALSE),FALSE)) If the first comparison in the AND statement is True, then the rest of the comparison statements are True. This is an example of the formula: =IF(A3=$G$1,IF(B3=$H$1,IF(C3=$I$1,IF(D3=$J$1,IF(E3=$K$1,IF(F3=$L$1,IF(G3=$M$1,H3,I3,J3,K3,L3,M3,TRUE))),IF(TRUE,IF(TRUE,IF(TRUE,H3,I3,J3,K3,L3,M3,TRUE)))),IF(TRUE,IF(TRUE,H3,I3,J3,K3,L3,M3,TRUE)))),IF(TRUE,IF(TRUE,H3,I3,J3,K3,L3,M3,TRUE))) If all of the comparisons in the AND statement are True, then the rest of the comparison statements are True. This is an example of the formula

Windows RepeatGoalSeek Patch Exe Software

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RepeatGoalSeek Torrent Free [Latest]

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